Year 3 - Year 6 (7-11)

From Year 3 to Year 6, the day is divided into two halves: if morning classes are held in English, afternoon classes will be in French, or vice versa. Each student therefore has two main teachers: one English-speaking and one French-speaking. Maths, French, and history are taught in French while English, science and geography are taught in English. Art and PE may be taught in both languages.

We use a combination of classic methods that have stood the test of time (syllabic approach to reading, chronological approach to history, regular poems, grammatical analysis from Year 2 up, etc.) and ‘active’ pedagogy (manipulation of material and practical experience, group work, respecting each student’s individual rhythm, etc.).

We prepare our students for Cambridge English certificates. These exams are internationally recognised and testify to a candidate’s level of English. Students prepare for and sit the Young Learners of English (YLE) Movers and Flyers exams from Year 4 up.

We also provide our students with beginner classes in Mandarin Chinese. Students practice speaking, calligraphy, Pinyin, tones and lines, as well as experiencing Chinese culture.

Whether through its international dimension that implies openness to the world and to other cultures, through rich and varied activities (singing, visual arts, cooking workshops, creative writing, drama, etc.) or through its active pedagogy, our educational philosophy encourages children to use critical and creative reasoning.

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