Our Story


Open World International School is a secular private primary and secondaryschool, governed by a non-profit association under Loi 1901. Established in September 2012, the school now has 160 students from Nursery to Year 10, and is continuing to expand. The opening of Year 11 is scheduled for 2024.

The school offers an international curriculum, welcoming a wide range of students: French-speaking, English-speaking and international.

The school is an independent, non-contract school and does not receive subventions from the State nor local government. Two classes (Year 1 and Year 2) are recognised as ‘contract’ classes since September 2019.


    • Preschool opens in 2012 with 15 children at Longueil Sainte Marie
    • September 2013: 30 students, opening of Year 2 and addition of a 120m² building
    • September 2014: 45 students, opening of Year 3 and Year 4 and addition of a second 30m² building
    • September 2015: 60 students, opening of Year 5 and an extension of 100m²
    • September 2016: opening of Year 6 and addition of a secretary’s office and new playgrounds
    • September 2017: 80 students, addition of a new 60m² classroom
    • September 2018: 100 students, opening of our first secondary school classes (Year 7 and Year 8), rent of another building in Verberie to welcome our growing number of students
    • Start of the 2019 school year: 125 children; relocation of the entire structure to Compiègne (objective: takeover of the entire La Faisanderie site in September 2021, occupied by the IME). Half of the staff moved to La Faisanderie, the other half to the pavilion of the former Guynemer school;4th grade opened. GS and CP placed under contract.
    • Start of the 2020 school year: 160 children (middle school at La Faisanderie, primary school moved to Villa Guynemer); opening of3rd grade. School year financially impacted by Covid-19.
    • Start of the 2021 school year: 170 children from Reception toYear 10. Impact of the health crisis: project to take over the La Faisanderie site abandoned (the IME, the main tenant, no longer has the funds to build its new site and is staying at La Faisanderie! Open World has to move elsewhere).
    • Start of the 2022 school year: 160 children from MS to3e. Recurring problem: premises! Enrolments restricted. Urgent search for permanent solutions.
    • Start of school year 2023: 150 pupils from PS to3e(lease extension accepted for a further year at Villa Guynemer (primary) and La Faisanderie (collège)). Project abandoned in Compiègne, project relaunched in Lacroix Saint Ouen (construction project underway).



  • Relocating the entire structure to a single site to ensure the long-term viability of our school. Opposite, a 3D model of the project currently under construction at La-Croix-Saint-Ouen. The new premises are scheduled to open in September 2024.
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