The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award is a programme founded by Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, in 1956 in the UK. Today the award is recognised in over 140 countries. This award recognises adolescent and young adult personal accomplishments through a series of personal and community projects. Each of our students (age 14 up) may participate.

It is a fun and enriching way to acquire new skills and to learn how to collaborate with others. With focus on teamwork, solidarity, physical endurance, and keen mindedness: the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award is a complete and varied personal development programme which allows each individual to make it their own.

The programme takes place over one or four year(s) and must be completed before the applicant turns 25. The programme is made up of three levels of difficulty: bronze (14+), silver (15+) and gold (16+). With the help of adult coaches, participants must choose and establish goals in the following domains:
  • Community service : join an organisation or undertake the development of a project to serve local individuals or the local community
  • Physical recreation : Accomplish a sustained level of physical activity in any sport, fitness, or dance
  • Skills: develop practical skills for personal development
  • Adventurous journey : plan, organise and carry out an expedition in France or abroad
  • Residential (for gold level): live and work outside of their home for a minimum of five days.

Each level of the DofE Award (bronze, silver, and gold) requires a different minimum time of work on each domain. During this time, participants must show a regular implication in the domain (minimum one hour per week). It is an enriching and gratifying adventure in which our students have the chance to take part.

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